Really annoying (License!) in Manager

I’ve replaced my BFD 1 and 2 Installs with Eldorado and London Sessions. Still the data manager pops up every time I launch. You can’t see what it’s complaining about. I can’t figure out what it’s referring too! Very Frustrating along with all of the other headaches.

Sorry to vent, but this is just getting really old. I’m so close to dumping this product after spending thousands on it over the years…Really sad to see this awesome product get wrecked by the new owners.

Looks like I found 1 library not working…BFD Deluxe. I’m sure I’ll find more. I own it and it’s registered. What to do?

Do you have BFD1+2 in your Data paths in BFD3 to scan? If so, I’d obviously remove those.

Have you done the migration from FXpansion to BFD Drums/inMusic? BFD Deluxe is an eligible product to port over.

Your FXpansion and inMusic accounts must have the same email address for the migration to work.

Hi Fender, Thanks for the reply! I have those data paths but they have been previously cleaned of problematic files. I have migrated. I had this all up and running for awhile. Had to get London and Eldorado of course. Now Its Deluxe and Signature Snares vol. 1 that just stopped working.

After spending a considerable amount of time finding the problem, I ended up having to delete and reinstall the expansions in question to get the problem to go away…Pretty lame! Now I can’t load any of my presets…The settings load but not the kit pieces…

Drew, we all really appreciate your help and support through all of this. Without you, this would have straight up collapsed.

Super frustrating! None of my presets will load kit pieces, even after reloading the pieces and saving the preset in BFD as it sits…

Never mind…That one was a setting I didn’t see…5 hours later, it’s time to make some music!!! Stoked!!!

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