Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

Thanks for the help (again). My brain had melted after 4 days of staring and shouting at the LM!

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@BFD_Drew PM with my details sent. Thank you!

Just posting to earn cred…

Hi @wgeraths It doesn’t work by post count.
Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message:

Get to trust level 1 by…
*** Entering at least 5 topics**
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By reading they just mean slowly scrolling by a post. So 10 minutes and you’re good to go. No posting required.

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

@SF_Green… Thank you

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Hello guys,
I’m french, so please, forgive my language mistakes.
Find this discussion save me !
I try desesperatly to find a way to obtain the remplacement serials for BFD1 and BFD2.
Here is the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks at all !
Good music for all !

Thanks a lot !
I sent you a message as soon as i can send a MP.
Owner of BFD1, 2 & 3. I need remplacement serials for 1 and 2.
I got FXpansion and Inmusic accounts.
Good evening ! This forum save me !

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I’d like to say publicly a big “thank you” to BFD_Drew
for obtaining me the remplacement serials for BFD1 and BFD2. I had no solution and he solved my problem quickly and nicely.

It’s a chance for us te meet some guys like him in this forum.

Thank you.



Good Afternoon,

I’m looking for a little help with BFD 1 and BFD 2 serials since they don’t show up nor register as valid serials on the license manager.

I’m new so I can’t direct message @BFD_Drew, but I sent a message to technical support on Inmusic 12 days ago and BFDDrums contact support 3-4 days ago and haven’t heard any response as yet.

Any chance someone can help with these serial issues?


You’ll need to get your old serials before @BFD_Drew or anyone else can help.

You should be able to get them by logging into fxpansion and checking the, ‘Your Registered Products’ page where you’ll see a list of everything you own and their serial numbers.

Drew will need those as well as your account details.


Ok. Not a problem. I’m ready whenever I get a message to send my old serials and info over. Thanks.

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See my post 7 posts above on how to be able to message Drew directly.
Once you’ve done that, you can right click on his icon and message him.

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Hi. I presume I have the same problem as all of you. After migrating BFD3 none of my BFD2 content works. When I click on Drew’s name no message comes up. Do I have to wait or is there a way around this?

Just adding another message to see if I get approved… BFD people this is not a good user experience…

I think it’s more about how many messages you read before you can PM @BFD_Drew


The forum rules are put in place by Discourse and has zero to do with BFD Drums or inMusic fwiw. This is generally just a user-to-user community and not an official support forum from BFD Drums, or inMusic.

You don’t have to post anything to be able to send a PM. Here are the exact requirements:


I’m just gonna say, it’s a lot better than all the spam we had to deal with over on FXpansion’s site.


Man gonna get me some of them old drumssssss

Drew, I’m not getting a message option. Thank you for your help.


Hey, are you FenderBender from VS Planet?