Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

Posting a few messages in the forum has now made it possible for me to send a message.


Does anyone know if BFD Eco upgraders will get either London Sessions or El Dorodo? I’m not sure which kits I had, but I really like some of those sounds. I’d just PM Drew, but I’m still a noob here, so I can’t PM.

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I am new here! no “message” :rofl:

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Hi Drew,

I did that but it just posted all my info and serial numbers… !! I deleted the post and will hang out trying to figure out how to get London and Eldorado.

Thx, TC

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Me tooNo private message for me too. Can you PM me ?

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I’m going to reply to this to see if posting a few times gives me PM super powers :smile:


Hi Drew,
I also need replacement serials for BFD1, BFD2.

Having just signed up for the forum, I may not be able to private message you though?
If anyone can help with instructions that would be great.

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Hey @tonygward. Check this:

Which means, scroll to the top of this thread, slowly scroll down. Leave your PC/phone/tablet on the page for 10 minutes. Then, enter some other threads. At some point, you’ll get a notification that you’re promoted.

Then, you can click on drew’s avatar and press message.


It will take you here:

There, you will fill in the information as Drew requested.

If you hit a snag don’t hesitate to post.


HI, Andrew
I need you to apply for alternative serial numbers for BFD1 and BFD2. But I don’t see a button for a private message to you. Could you reply to me with a private message?

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Got the new serials from Drew superquick. Thank you!

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great to read about this solution!

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New old bfd user posting so I can eventually send drew a pm;-) Looking forward to it.

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where is pm ??i wanna sent pm

i sen pm now.please sent me.

Thanks Drew. I’m officially “back to normal” and have all my BFD content working again!

Hey all, just a heads up that I’ll be off work from tomorrow until next Monday, so I most likely won’t get to any serial requests for those 4 days. If in dire need, please email



Hi Andew,

Don’t seem to get the message box when clicking your name. Could you PM me so I can get you my details for BFD1.

Also what I still have my CD’s of BFD Deluxe can these still be used?

Thank mate.

Im starting to freak out. I updated to 3.4 and now BFD is not loading in Pro Tools. My BFD username is TomLaRosa. I need my BFD2 content. I dont care about BFD1. What the fuck ?

Hi all,
Apologies. I’ve been out of the office in the studio with my band. I’ll respond to all messages today.


I successfully registered the serial you gave.

Thank you very much and good luck for the rest !