Re-installing latest FXPansion version of BFD3

Since it appears as if this might take some time, what are my options for going back to the latest version prior to inMusic? BFD3 is not working for me. I need to be able to use BFD3 again.

Digital Performer 11.04
Mac OS 11.6.3
Model Name: Mac mini
Model Identifier: Macmini8,1
Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 6
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 12 MB
Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled
Memory: 32 GB
System Firmware Version: 1715. (iBridge: 19.16.10744.0.0,0)
Serial Number (system): C07YH2QHJYW0
Hardware UUID: 7E8BF192-38B9-562B-9D11-123B90E04FC7
Provisioning UDID: 7E8BF192-38B9-562B-9D11-123B90E04FC7
Activation Lock Status: Disabled

You’d have to contact FXpansion to see. Nobody here has any information on whether their licensing servers are still online, or how long that will be supported.

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I activated an FXPansion install just a few days ago so it should still work. I’m thinking maybe there are still so many BFD users who don’t even know that it’s been sold that those servers will stay up a while.


Can you have both and an older version on you computer at the same time? Mac OS

BFD and FXpansion are ships in the night. They don’t look at each others files at all.

Note that your FXpansion expansion, in general, have FXpansion license strings, and your BFDdrums expansion, in general, of BFDdrums license strings.

So, different expansion installations, in general (although there are a couple of exceptions)