RE BFD1 and BFD2 content in this latest version

Hi there,
I am not able to see my registered BFD1 and 2 content…

How do I add that to this migrated install?

Have you unlocked private messages yet?

When you click on my picture, can you see a blue “Message” button?

If you don’t, keep entering threads, or read a big one (around 30 replies) until you do. When you finally unlock messages, find BFD_Drew, and private message him with your BFD1 and 2 serials, your fxpansion username and the new inmusic username. He’ll then sort you out immediately, and provide you with new serials. The old serials for BFD 1 and 2 don’t work in the new license manager.

HI there and thanks,
Yes, I just received an email to say that I can now send messages.