Quick way to delete blank measures on imported midi?

Hi, just coming back to BFD3 after a few years of absence. Looking forward to getting familiar w it again.

How do you efficiently get rid of blank measures at the beginning of imported midi?

Right now, I’m selecting all events and manually dragging them over to bar 1. If it was a single midi file, that’s no big deal, but I will be doing this repeatedly (working on an album and going from Logic Drummer to BFD3).

I write my drum parts in short segments that are labeled according to arrangement. Intro (4 bars), Vrs1 (16 bars) Ch (16 bars) etc. I don’t want to turn the whole song into a single midi file.

I want to preserve the little segments, but BFD3 inserts blank measures at the front. If I import the final segment of the song, there may be 90 empty bars before the events start. Is there an efficient way to deal with this?