Question relating to Exporting stems. (Sounds different within BFD3)

Hi there,
So, I just exported my first stems from BFD3. Lots of them. 4 channels for the kick alone. In, out, kick, and sub.

Sorry if this is a noob question, but I’m just curious what BFD3 actually does before the export, because the stems sound different to how they sound within BFD3. It sounds like I’m missing some reverb/room tone in the stems that can be heard within BFD3… or something like that… I definately exported every single channel, including the reverb channel.

I can see that the panning of each drum isn’t recorded in the export… is there a way to include panning in the export?

Also, Is there some kind of compression or processing happening within BFD3 which won’t translate across to the stems?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Are you in;

  1. Standalone mode or running through a DAW?
  2. Exporting all of the Ambient mixer channels? (i.e. are they all armed for export?)

Hey sorry for the delay replying.

I’m in Reaper for my DAW.

I believe I have all the channels selected when exporting. I’ve attached a screenshot of my export screen.

I’m listening to the stems, and the master track, switching back between the 2, and they definately sound different.

One other thing, is that, in one track, there is an occasion of a cymbal in the stems, which sounds totally weird. Like it’s out of phase. But it doesnt sound that way in the master.

I’m a bit confused. I would think the stems should sound identical to the master?

Phasing can occur if you get double triggering. This can happen if there’s a MIDI loop. i.e. the MIDI output of BFD is returned to the input. This causes a second hit to be triggered a few ms after the first, which sounds like phasing.

Make sure that’s not happening. One way to check is do a “show MIDI log” during the export. How are you triggering the export? Is it through the Groove Engine, or the DAW? If it’s the Groove engine, you shouldn’t see any MIDI input at all. If you see it, it’s being created by BFD, sent out, and looped back in. If you’re triggering via the DAW or some other MIDI sequencer, you should pretty clearly see the double notes in the log.

awesome thanks. I’ll make sure of that

but back to my first question, can anyone let me know how to bounce stems out that sound identical within BFD?

my stem mix sounds different to the mix in BFD, including the panning which doesn’t transfer over to the stems