Question about Oblivion pack mics

Hey guys and girls,

It’s been a while that I’m using the Oblivion pack but the time has come for me to export all audio files and send them to an engineer. But I’m wondering two things :

  • The Mapex Brass snare doesn’t have any bottom mic ? Only two top microphones (what are the differences ?) and a side microphone, isn’t it ?
  • What is the purpose of the “Crush” amb channel ? What is it supposed to add ?

I’m asking because the guy isn’t using BFD and I guess he would like me to explain what are all these microphone exports + I usually see top + bottom microphone, and never top + side only.

Thanks :wink:

  • Correct, it’s two different top mics and no bottom mic. You can hear that there’s a lower resonant frequency on Top than on Top 2.

  • IIRC it’s a room mic through a crushed compressor. Very distorted, very thin, and very cutting.


Perfect answer, thanks a lot kafka !