Purchased "BFD Japanese Taiko Percussion" and got "BFD Jazz & Funk"


I recently purchased “BFD Japanese Taiko Percussion” from inMusic.com
I got the Email that says “BFD Japanese Taiko Percussion” and the License Key

But when I registered in the BFD License Manager App, it says “BFD Jazz & Funk”
I checked the account page in inMusic HP, and it also says the expansion I just
registered is “BFD Jazz&Funk”.

Anyone having a same problem?

I sent two message in inMusic HP and there’s no reply for few days.

Please HELP ME!

Have you emailed support@bfddrums.com or is there a sales email you can write to at inMusic.com?

I think you meant to write, inmusicbrands.com, I just clicked on your, inMusic.com link and it took me to a ‘sacred Hindu chants’ page. :rofl:

If you’re lucky they’ll give you your Japanese Taiko Percussion and let you keep the Jazz & Funk for free, it’s a very good expansion kit.



Thank you for the reply.
And yes, I meant by inmusicbrans.com lol
I never knew it will automatically create link when i use".com"

I wrote that I Emailed but actually I send I message in “Contact Us” page in inMusic HP.
I will give it a try emailing support@bfddrums.com!

Thank you!

Yeah it’s funny, sticking dot-com on the end of any word will open your browser and sometimes you get a site, and sometimes a blank page. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the support email on the web page is up and running yet but the support@bfddrums.com is the official one for now at least.


I sent mail a week ago and still not getting any response…

Somebody else recently mentioned an issue with getting the wrong expansion.


Please message me with all of the details, the serial numbers in question, your user account email, and your proof of purchase, and I can get this sorted. Cheers!