Purchase Additional License possible?

  • My partner and I have been using BFD since Day 1- We’ve had it installed on both computers here on one account.
  • It’s now time to move on to separate projects where we now need separate accounts.
  • While one of us can purchase an additional core BFD3, not all expansion packs that we use are available.
  • Specifically it seems that the expansion packs EL DORADO and DELUXE are no longer available for purchase.
  • We have all the content expansion packs that we need. Is there a way to simply purchase a separate license and/or SR#s for our EL DORADO and DELUXE packs?
  • What’s are our options here?

I don’t see anything in the FAQ about purchasing additional licenses. You’re allowed up to 3 installations on separate machines. Why not just continue to use it as you have been, with your machine and your partner’s on the single account?

Yeah, That might be our only recourse.
Plan B I’m assuming would be to look for someone selling a deauthorized version of BFD 1, (or ElDorado), and DELUXE. I could then take those SR#'s and plug them into a newly created account. download my new Auths and the content that I already have would function?
Seems like INMUSIC or BFD or DREW or Somebody is missing out on a potential revenue stream here where they could just generate a new SR# and I pay them directly.
Someone needs to bring that up at the next board meeting.

It’s going to be tough tracking down those older libraries anyways and they will be silly prices. You would have to get replacement serials for them.

I’m guessing it’s just not something that’s common, or requested, so that’s why it’s not an option? Hopefully they can work with and accommodate you somehow.