Proper File and Content Locations?

I’ve got triplicate presets. I’ve been ignoring them, but it’s time to try and fix it.

I saw an article somewhere that, I believe was showing where things should be. I have no idea where it was. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Are you on a mac or PC?


I’m on a PC, I’m on a PC , hopefully that’s 20 characters, thanks

So do you know the locations of all those duplicate presets?

To find them right click on each duplicate and click, ‘show in explorer’.

You might find they’re in separate folders or all in the same one.

You can try right clicking on them and hiding them but sometimes they come back after a rescan so I prefer to delete the spare ones.


Make sure there are no paths within paths. Someone reported that BFD support told them to fix that, and their crashing problem went away.

Thank you. How would I find paths within paths ? I tried to delete all BFD2 files ( but keeping the drum data, for now) I’m still freaked out with the migration issues.

I still have BFD 3.1 ( and data) so I imagine that’s causing duplicates. Can I change the name of the old files so BFD3.4 won’t recognize or scan them ?

When all the bugs are out of BFD3.4, I will delete the old stuff. I am really digging Oblivion, and almost using it exclusively.

All the old stuff is in directories with FXpansion in the name. So, /Libary/Application Support/FXpansion/BFD3, etc. Just don’t press the migrate old files button (or whatever it’s called, I forget), and the installer will never look at them. BFD3.4 doesn’t ever look in the FXpansion directories. That migration button just copies things over anyway, and you can do that manually once you’re sure things are working.

Paths within paths are, like an expansion pack name (i.e. ‘BFD Oblivion’) that exists inside a directory named BFD3 somewhere.

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