Processed drums are broken

The processed drum sounds in the BFD3 collection neither make a sound when auditioned or when added to a kit (select ‘processed’ from drum browser). I’m guessing these somehow got corrupt as the TGA and BFD3CUSTKP files have no plain readable strings. Will reinstalling fix this or is this a bug?

I think I remember encountering some issue also with the processed drums a while back. I never really wound up using them, so I never followed up on it.

Just checking now, none of the kicks, or snare will sound on audition (with that checked as an option). The kicks all load and sound correctly, but none of the snares will load. Indeed, this sounds like the same issue I noticed before, so it’s never been addressed, or fixed in a build.

I supposed someone should make a formal bug report, if it even will make it through the queue.

Yep, none of the processed kit pieces audition for me either but play just fine once loaded.


Same for me on macOS. However once loaded and I click on the actual kit piece in the browser they audition perfeclty once I actually click the flashing blue arrow to load it into the kit peice.
When selecting a kit piece on the left browser it looks like it loads into the kit eg: kit piece gets highlighted, it will not audition then, you have to click the blue flashing arrow to actually load it into the kit, then when you click it it will audition.

However, in the lower part of the browser on the left, they do audition just fine when clicking on the ‘hit/no snare/drag/rim shot etc’ bar.

When I tried auditioning the processed sounds from the browser BFD (standalone) crashed twice as well.