Procedure to activate Zildjian packs? [resolved]

Hi, folks… in midst of the whole move BFD migration from Intel cheesgrater Mac to new M1 Studio Ultra machine. Have gotten BFD 3 setup and authorized, downloaded the updates to get the libraries which were already on external /samples/ drive working; got the Sonic Reality Neil Peart kit working and authorized. Got the free kit working (yay, thanks!). Now down to the two Zildjian sample packs, which I had on the /samples/ drive (I still have the CDs!).

I don’t think these migrated from my FXpansion account. Or, I did that on the Intel Mac for Big Sur, and forgot about how to re-authorize.

I see some note here from awhile back that Drew would help on this? I logged into my FXpansion account and can still see the serials for my two cymbal packs. Samples are already on my /samples/ drive from old Mac. But the don’t load. So, guessing I need new serials in the new version of License Manager app, as obviously the old serials no longer work in new licenser.

I read I need to send private msg and my serials and fxpansion account info to Drew via private msg? Is that still correct, or ?

Thanks for any help on next step. :slight_smile:

Message Drew, I am sure he can help you to get this sorted.

Thanks. I think I’m waiting for my forum ‘threat level’ to come down to not be a troll :slight_smile:


Did so last night. :slight_smile: Thanks

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“Sam” in tech support for BFDdrums, from a submitted support ticket, helped me sort this out and all my missing stuff now showing with new serials, and I will be able to reinstall tonight for my M1 Ultra Mac. Whew!!!

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