Problems with processed drums kit piece

I trying to save my own processed drum kit pieces. For example a kick or snare with my own settings.
I load a single kit piece for example a kick and edit the tuning, loudness, damp and envelope.

2.They I save it as processed kit piece. But when I want to load my saved processed drum kit piece bfd crashed. Some time it will work some times not.

  1. Can I do something to fix this problem so bfd doesn’t crashes?

  2. I want to be able to save drum kit pieces so I can load them directly.

  3. There is also problem when I have a kit piece loaded into a drum slot i set the output channels to my daw from bfd mixer. This is reset to master out when I load a new kit pieces.

  4. Some time the order of the mixer channels for a kit pieces is changed. Example: Snare bottom, snare top 1, snare top 2, the order changing when loading kit pieces.

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