Private messages in this forum

Since this forum is Discourse, I suspect that people can’t send private messages from the very start when they join. They are given the rights to it upon passing through some hoops.

  • Reading some posts. (you can slowly scroll through some threads, it counts as reading)

  • Posting some of their own.

So, read one or two threads and post in some others and it will eventually unlock.


Thanks for explaining this.

I’ll give it a try, and then, I’ll try again

Thank you for the explanation.

thanks for the hints!


spurious post to get unlocked, but thanks

Thanks for the explanation.

Right on…good advice. I’m amongst those who need to PM drew to get my BFD and BFD2 serial numbers converted to the new system. Long time user, glad to be here.

Just posting to get my ability to DM poeple.

thanks for the hints!

Seems a bit long winded way of sending a message to get what I already own, however I would love to access my old BFD2 sounds.

Post for the algorithm…

Thanks for explaining

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Thanks. Couldn’t find that info anywhere. I even did the whole tutorial with “discobot”. Haha.

That’s helpful! Thanks for the advice.

When you get a reply via this forum it also winds up in your email accounts in box BUT you can not reply via your email account seemingly as I think I learned this past week when noting resulted in trying to do so. This was of course because I failed to see that it had come from / via…

Thanks … plus one for the algorithm.

Good to know! I am also need SN’s to re-authorize in BFD3.4!