Presets not loading


When I try to load a preset from BFD3, nothing happens.
I however load when I drag & drop from the finder.
Do you know a way to solve this?

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I’m guessing your loading the presets from the preset strip on the left?

Is nothing happening at all or is it that kits load but no grooves/mixer settings are loading?

If it’s the latter than you might need to check the ‘load’ buttons next to the fav/library and make sure they’re highlighted.

Also it might be worth doing a full content scan to see if that fixes it.


Hi Steve63,

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I’m loading from the presets strip in the left.
Nothing happens (neither the drums neither the settings are loading).

I’have done a full content scan and linked the presets folder. Is it something else I can do ?


Hi Damath, I had this issue, you need to make sure the boxes below the search tab are all blue (Selected). KIT,MIX, GRV, KEY, AUTO & GLO. Once they are blue you should be able to load the presets

hope this works for you.

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Hi LSM86,

Thank you very much.


Hello! Here another user with the same problem. I have already sent them a ticket to see what the problem is and if there is a solution. I hope they answer soon.

You expect a working product from InMusic? Twenty minutes is the best I got out of it.

Hey @Flk_Pro

As @Lsm86 said above, you need to make sure you have the various filters selected to load the full preset. If you’re still seeing the issue after doing that, could you please raise a separate bug for this?


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I’m sorry. I’m new to the forum and my answer was approved late. The solution worked for me. Thank you!!