Preset Tempos changing

I almost reported this as a bug but I’m not sure it is.

When loading and changing preset, be it in the Core library or the other two, I notice that, despite using the same midi loop loaded into the drum track, the tempos keep changing.

The presets don’t actually load with any midi loops as they would in BFD3 but perhaps they once did and the tempo’s are in the presets?

Either way, the tempo of the loaded loop is being ignored in favour of the preset.

Is this intentional?

It’s not on the known list of bugs but it’s bugging me. :thinking:


Hey @Steve63

This was a bug in alpha 1, but should be fixed in the new alpha that went out today. What build is it you’re using? It could be a bug that slipped through the net.


Hi Joe
It’s still happening in the new build for me, 1.2.0 Alpha 2


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Ahh that’s annoying. Thanks for letting us know!

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