Preset selection

Hello everyone. Im learning to use the software and it’s deeper but more difficult than the others i’ve been using lately.

So, when i open BFD3 there’s nothing selected so i always need to select a kit.

What if i want to use an already pre-mixed preset to play along a song? I double click on them but the kit view it’s still empty.

I usually end picking one kit but they are totally Raw and i sometimes want to play the presets and more mixed drums.

Sorry about this question!

Tools > Show Preferences > Preferences > Data > Startup…set your startup preset
Tools > Show Preferences > Preferences > GUI > Control Behavior…Startup Screen…Startup Browser,
You can set to “Last Used” or other options in each menu…

Never be sorry about asking questions…

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See those buttons just under the search bar? Kit, Mix, Grv, Key, Auto, Glo? These choose which parts of a preset you’re going to load. Make sure the Kit button is pressed.

Kit → Loads the drum pieces for the preset
Mix → Loads the mixer settings for the preset
Grv → Loads the groove palette for the preset
Key → Loads the keymap for the preset
Auto → Loads the Automation settings for the preset
Glo → Loads Global settings and session preferences for the preset.


Thank you guys.

So, to use a preset i must select a kit first, ¿right?

Que nooooo!

The kit is already there IN the preset.

If you load a preset with all the buttons pressed in, you get

  • A kit (collection of drums, this kit, this snare, this hat)
  • Mixed in a specific way (this plug-in on this channel, that plug-in on the other, this channel lower than the other)
  • That plays a specific groove when you press play (what groove palette is loaded at the groove page)
  • That you can play pressing specific assigned kits on your keyboard (Maybe you have 6 toms, maybe you have 4 crashes, these need different keys from the ordinary GM map to play, right?)
  • That remembers what CCs you have assigned to control and automate stuff with knobs on your hardware controller.
  • That remembers options in the preferences.

Using the buttons, you can choose what to load when you double click a preset. You can load just the drums, but leave the mix and the groove alone. But the preset is a collection of all these things at once.

I think i get it.

For example, i select the pop punk preset. Inside that preset i want to use that preset’s effects with pork pie kit or dw kit. So, inside every preset i Can apply it to different kits?

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You can load the pop punk preset with just the Mix and Groove button pressed. Then, you can load the Pork Pie preset with just the Kit button pressed.

Or you can just load the pop punk preset with all buttons pressed, and then go to the kits page and change the whole drumset with just a double click.

If i just load the pop punk preset, there are no active pads on the kit view.
So i select pop punk and then what should i do?

Tell me step by step please. Im so ignorant using this software.

Load a preset, it will paly with default kit assigned to that preset, then click KITS and select any kit, that kit will load and play with the original presets mix/effects etc, select any kit you like, but if you go back to presets and double click one, it will load that preset with default kit for that preset, then if you don’t like the kit click KITS, and select what ever kit you want to change to.

Presets load presets
Kits loads Kits

I was just about to Watch it and i couldnt

ah sorry, I cleared it to make some room in my dropbox, here it is again:

Thank you!

I think i got it. What is the global tab for?

• Glo - (Global settings, Session preferences)