[PRE REVIEW] Error message: Failed to parse the installation script

I’m trying to install BFD3 and the same error message as below keeps showing.
Can anybody help? I have heard anything back from BFD support for quite long.

Failed to parse the installation script. Cannot continue with execution. Please contact BFD Drums technical support support@bfddrums.com

This sounds like a bad download, a permissions issue, or an issue with our codesigning - which shouldn’t really be the case, as many people are using it.

Could you please give me some more information on your computer - Platform, OS version, etc…

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All sorted! Thanks a lot, :slight_smile:

I’m having this issue. How did you resolve it?

Hi @MarcusP

Many apologies that you are having this issue, please could you let us know some more information on your computer - Platform, OS version? Knowing these details will help us find a solution.

Thank you and kind regards, Rayne

OS 12.4, Logic Pro 10.7.5

Intel i7 32G ram. Late 2018 MacMini.

Can you at least give me my money back? Worthless software.

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Let’s get the message out there. This software is worthless. You deserve your money back. I’m still trying to get mine. InMusic are a sham.

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Please see my response above - it is a bad download. Restart the download.


I’ve downloaded it four times, so, what’s going to change, Andrew???

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B.S. see my message below.

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