[PRE REVIEW] BFD quits after loading content paths

This happens after installing latest update. BFD finds all the content paths and then quits before activating them. Happens within Pro Tools and with standalone version. For now, Im reverting back to previous version from Fxpansion as that works fine but would appreciate a fix.

As the devs would inevitably ask, I’ll ask :slight_smile:

What versions of everything are you running? What platform/system etc?

Also, I’ll suggest manually and adding scanning each path individually, rather than doing them all at once. BFD made some big improvements in this in the recent releases, but there could still be a bug out there with respect to some setups. Going one path at a time was the workaround for those early bugs and limitations.

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Hey @dumble

Yeas as mentioned above, if you could give us some more info on what happens as well as the version and any steps you take we can investigate this further; How To Write A Proper Bug Report - #2

Many Thanks~