Platinum Samples authorisation issues [fixed]

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I recently bought Evil Drums from Platinum Samples and received a serial code but the new BFD licence manager is not accepting/recognising the code.

I’ve been able to log into my old FXpansion account and add it to my products list there (and even use the download ticket on Platinum Samples account to install the content through the old FXpansion licence manager) but I have no way of authorising it.
I have already migrated my old FXpansion account and now the BFD Licence manager is not recognising the Evil Drums serial. If I open BFD and go to content paths and select “License!” for Evil Drums - it opens the BFD License Manager but does nothing.

I see others have had the same issue - please help @BFD_Drew!

I need those tasty samples

It was my understanding from Rail and Platinum Samples that they are waiting for the installer specs from Drew/InMusic in order to update their install process for the new BFD license manager.

I just got two expansion packs from Sonic Reality and am having the same issue. I see the solution is to message BFD Drew with my serial #s. How does one go about sending a message to Drew?

Hi Dredbyrd

In order to send PMs, you have to have posted a certain number of post. Sorry I don’t know the number, but that’s the deal.

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Living Room Rocker

Thank you for the information Living Room Rocker.

Wow so I filled out a support ticket through my InMusic account, put in my BFD3 serial #, answered where I bought it, uploaded a PDF of the receipt, typed up my problem, included my Third Party serial #s and after hitting Submit Inquiry several times I have no idea if it even submitted.

I’m impressed with InMusic’s barriers to support. Almost as impressive as how much extra work they want you to do to be able to use what’s already yours.

Send them an email at, with the same info. There was a problem with the web site support form before. I believe I’ve heard it was fixed, but maybe not. OTOH, the email address had an issue before, also, and then it was fixed.

And of that doesn’t work, PM @BFD_Drew, and he can do it for you.

Thanks Kafka. I heard from Drew via PM before I could try anything else so I’ve provided him the serials. Thanks again!

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