Phasing issues with triggering with e kit

I have decided to try using BFD3 with my Alesis DM12 studio kit. Everything syncs ok but when I hit the snare drum on my DM 10, the snare sound (Tama Tempesta) has a kind of strange ‘phasing’ sound, but if I just click the snare drum with my mouse, I get a real nice snare sound. I couldn’t find anything in the manual so I was wondering if anyone else was or have had this issue and how it was fixed?

I still have a couple of the original DM10 modules…
I presume you are using the module as a MIDI controller only…Local Control OFF…No Audio being sent out through the Mains to a Mixer etc…BFD3 Standalone (No DAW) and using the Core Library.
I set one up as a MIDI controller… BFD3 Standalone…no Issues with the Tempesta.
Which Preset ?..there are 75…
BFD3 (60)… BFD3.3 (10)… BFD3.4 (5)…

Thanks, yes I have the full BFD3 Core and bought Jazz Noir and the Maple Custom Absolute. I am using the DM10’s USB out into my Lenovo P50. I built the kit myself by using the Maple Custom Absolute for toms and bass drum and the Tama snare. My audio interface is a EVO 8. As mentioned before, I can click the snare drum with the mouse and the sound is snappy and crisp but if I trigger it with my kit, I get a strange ‘phase’ sound, as if it has an effect on it, I haven’t tried recording it yet to see if its a signal transfer thing and to be honest, the manual isn’t very intuitive to me.

Thanks for replying, the overall sound is pretty amazing and I am very happy with it.

Sounds like the drum brain is putting out more than one note in very close succession, causing two samples to be triggered at the same time, which would sound like a phasing issue.

My thoughts also, any suggestions how to fix it?

Try and find some masking or gate/release settings on the DM10, in the trigger settings. Try making them slightly longer. Failing that, contact Alesis support for more explicit support on the DM10 brain.

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I appreciate all your help