Percussion stand the test of time?

Pretty old product, how does it sound compared to other offerings?

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I’ve had the percussion pack since it first came out.

It’s a really good expansion (in my opinion).

I have all the Native instruments percussion stuff and all the Toontrack percussion stuff. Plus some others.

Again, in my opinion, the BFD stuff does it for me.


Yep, no complaint on most of the expansions here and I have a lot (wasn’t impressed with Orchestral - seemed a bit of a mess). Percussion is definitely worth having. Add the Swan Percussion and you’ve a lovely set up. Also 8-Bit Kit adds some great percussion. It’s unfortunate the artist was called 8-Bit as this gives a false impression of what the kit is (I’m sure many think it’s an 8-bit C64 or Nintendo thing). They should rebrand it - and update the messy presets and naming while they’re at it.

Just the BFD program and licensing system that are terrible the moment.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Still undecided…