Packs from Drum Drops


I own four BFD drum packs from Drum Drops.

I have a valid licence in the inMusic BFD3 Licence Manager for these four packs - crossed out the licence key there in the image. However, there is “No download” in the Licence Manager software.

I also have downloaded on my HD the FXpansion-licensed version of these packs. But adding the packs thru the Content Paths in inMusic BFD doesn’t seem to see the content - the kits don’t appear.

How do I use my existing Drum Drops packs in inMusic BFD3?

Hoping for a clear answer.

Thanks, Eanna

Those are eligible products that can be migrated from Fxpansion to inMusic. Have you already done the migration? If so, then you can pm @BFD_Drew with your serials and email address and he will get you replacement serials to be used with the current BFD3 LM.

Thanks Fender. Yeah I did the migration, and those serials appear to be valid for inMusic.

But how do I get the content itself? There is no Download link for those packs in the inMusic BFD Licence Manager, and I can’t see any BFD packs from Drum Drops anymore.

I am downloading all FXpansion BFD packs as I speak. I don’t know why the FXpansion packs don’t load into inMusic BFD!

I just did a quick search on here. It appears Drum Drops no longer supports BFD products, hence why no installers with the BFD Drums LM. Users in this thread say they have DD working with the migrated serials and older expansion installers. Not sure about the kits not showing… post a screenshot of your content paths window. Try searching Drum Drops on this forum. There were a few other posts.

Added just one of the Drum Drops packs as a Content Location (Vintage Disco Kit), here:


But in the drop-down list of Kits, they don’t appear:


I see you posted about this way back in April of last year? You never got this squared away? Have you tried importing each DD BFD2 kit and preset and then saving each as BFD3 format?

I gave up trying to get BFD going at that time. Then I had success installing BFD, but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I was hoping to be able to use the fact that I had already downloaded all BFD packs, and not have to re-download everything - and delayed on downloading all the big packs again, hoping I would be able to get FXpansion’s BFD back running. Tried that tonight, the FXpansion licence manager looks good, but it doesn’t work - FXpansion’s BFD is no longer licenced…

So tonight am biting the bullet, hoping to download and install all FXpansion packs afresh. Deleting the FXpansion equivalent from my crowded HD as I go…

So yeah just a while ago, I found that some kits from FXpansion times are still hanging around on my HD. So in BFD, I did go to File → Load Kit from File, where the kit preset was in C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Kits. And it seems to have worked.

I’ll reply back here once I make better, definitive progress… It’s just pure luck that I had those kit files in C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Kits, cause the only way I could get inMusic BFD working on my computer back last year, was to scrap every shred of FXpansion’s BFD from my system - seems I didn’t delete that dir…

OK - seems that File → Import Kits… is the better option, in that it does convert the BFD2 kit file format to BFD3, and stores it locally for selection in the Kit browser… So long as the content path for that Drum Drops kit is also in the Content Locations too…

Why don’t you select that option, ‘C:\Program Files (x86)FXpansion\BFD2\System’ in the content location above, then rescan?

Have you hit the ‘Add BFD2 Paths’ button?

I have no issues with my Drum Drops Expansions.

OK - yes I have added the Content Paths from the FXpansion installation directory, and I reckon I’ve lucked out that I didn’t clean up that old system path, which has a good few .bfd2kit files, which appear to be the definition files for kits whose audio is under the Content Paths section.

Looks like a strategy for being able to migrate this to another computer, would be to use the File → Import Kits… menu item to individually load the bfd2kit files into BFD, and then copy off the new .bfd3kit files under %USERPROFILE%\Documents\BFD Drums\BFD3\Kits, or to copy off the .bfd2kit files under C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Kits and use the same strategy as per the Content Locations dialog (the old bfd2kit files dir, plus the Drum Drops content paths, in Content Locations).

It’s possible that in deleting everything related to FXpansion’s BFD being the only way to solve the installation process for inMusic, solving a DLL crash (I have a thread all about that), I probably deleted all .bfd3kit files for my old FXpansion packs, so using the Migrate option in the installer didn’t copy across the kit definitions for the other bfd3-ready packs.

Thanks for your help. I really do want this to work out!