Our server was unable to process the request

I love this :frowning:

Standalone and plugin crashing, without any reason. Did work on 12.12.23. Stopped working 14.12.23.

(Ventura 13.6.3 btw)

Incidents like this, Dark Farm de-authorizing every week or so and the general requirement to use the product being out of the user/customers hands has devalued this product. the faint glimmer of positivity is the possibility that this was all part of a commitment to longer term viability, and the proprietary DRM was imagined as a key part of preserving any possible future investment.

but, would have been nice if they decided to test their proprietary DRM on BFD Player instead of crippling their flagship.


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Still not working. So I will open a ticket. But don’t trust in this company anymore.

Logout and Login did the job. All back. Should be written somewhere at the first place, when trouble with the license.