'Our server was unable to process the request' - resolution

Been getting ‘Our server was unable to process this request. Please try again shortly. Server Message’ message when opening BFD Licence Manager.

Any ideas?

Update - see solution in later posts

Logging out of the license manager and then logging in fixed it for me, not the most obvious and smoothest solution (found by sheer luck under the “bfd3-4-0-24 bug reports” thread) if you ask me.

I know a lot of people dislike it ( for good reasons in the past) but I’d prefer (at least the option of) Ilok activation over this mess.

Thanks Drew and PGW. Logging out (from within Licence Manager) and then logging back in using the link which pops up has fixed the issue.

Maybe a more descriptive error message when the server can’t connect would help make that resolution more obvious?


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