Opening BFD opens to the content location folder (page) first

Opening BFD opens content location folder (page) first. EVERY SINGLE TIME. WHY ? It should open to the BFD3 opening page where you get started playing.

Is there a license button showing next to some of the content paths?

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As @deangersmith pointed out, it’s most probably because one of your products needs licensing.
Check through your contents tab for a ‘licence’ button.

It could also be because one of your folders has been moved but that usually gives you a warning message before opening.


I contacted support about this some time ago, I will try and find the email, but they said I could ignore that ‘licence button’ as long as the software was still working correctly, which it was, but yes it’s annoying that that the content window always pops up after opening, still happens to me now, it did stop at one point last year but sadly it returned.

This happens to me and has been for some time since getting my M1 Mac 2.5 years ago. It’s annoying that every session you start up with BFD in it, this window pops up. The devs are sitting on their A$$ about getting the software back to its former glory. Don’t hold your breath though. They have been “working really hard” on the matter blah, blah, blah. I suppose I should be grateful it still works at this point. But my confidence in the devs work prowess is just about gone. I wished I hadn’t invested so much with this instrument. It really is a great tool.

I agree completely. It WAS a fantastic drum sampler. None sound as great. But ever since the migration, It has fallen apart. The simplest of things have become complicated and riddled with issues.

I don’t think I’ve seen any major issues since migration that weren’t related to the licence manager and new licencing system.

People have always had issues with the contents locations and install paths but it’s often a case of pilot error rather than software.


You sure about that? When I migrated a couple years ago, the LM was riddled with problems. Even now with the latest LM, I just got inexplicably deauthorized yesterday and I’m hardwired to the internet. This is the second time so far this year and it happened to me about 4 times last year. This shouldn’t still be happening if you’re always online.

That’s what I said though,
“I didn’t see any problems that WEREN’T related to the licence manager”.

Meaning, "most’ of the problems were due to the new LM regime.


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I was deauthorized on both computers in the past week. Also hardwired. The reauthorisation was quick and simple.

Oops, sorry mate. I can’t find my reading glasses? :nerd_face:

Yeah, for the most part, that’s been my experience as well, but the LM needs to be further tuned because as in our cases being always connected to the web, the LM shouldn’t be deauthorizing.

Instead of the LM making periodic checks, I think it might be better to just let it run down to a day or so before the timer is up, to make the license check. That would mitigate any untimely situations when it’s checking in the background, something goes awry and disables BFD3.

I had to open BFD3 in Pro Tools the other day to make some changes to some drum tracks and was disabled. I held my breath that I wasn’t going to lose hours trying to get up and running again. Whenever I encounter the disabled screen, I still get this nervous feeling that it won’t behave and I’ll have to wait a day for it to sort out. Those painful early days of migration still stick with you. I’m just not confident in this system honestly.


Yes bro when I saw those nasty screens with that ugly yellow writing that isn’t even clear, I almost had a fit, the memories……really wasn’t a good feeling, I was shocked that it re-authorised so smoothly lol. Totally agree with you.


I was having this issue too. When it scanned, it caught the BFD Player paths too. When I selected those paths and chose Remove Selected Paths and it stopped doing that.

Does it still show that content from those paths though?

Oh I misunderstood, BFD player paths as you stated, that’s not the issue with mine, it’s the licence button showing for some BFD3 paths, if I remove them I won’t see the content.