Once you've downloaded and installed a pack, can you delete the installer?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed an expansion pack, can you delete the installer? I have quite a few packs taking up some room on one of my external drives. For instance, the Crush expansion pack installer is 4.06GB. The Crush Audio Files folder is 4.85 GB. And it is a separate folder from the Installer. Can I get rid of the Installer? And if that’s the case, is it the folder called “Installer” with everything that’s inside that folder?

It is safe to delete the installers, you do not need to keep them, they can always be dl’d again from the license manager or your InMusic account if you need them again.

Once installed BFD Crush should be 20.8GB so as long as it’s installed properly and working then
it’s absolutely fine to delete the download folder and everything within.

As Dangersmith pointed out, you can easily download it again if ever you need to.


Thanks!!! This all makes sense. Really appreciate the responses.


The 20.8GB size is for BFD2/ECO…(earlier format)
BFD3 version is quite a bit smaller…around 4.5GB or so

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You’re right, I was certain all my kits were in BFDLAC format but I see Crush is still .wav.

Wondering now whether I should use the BFDLAC converter or download a new version but I’m going to check my other kits to see if they’re still in the old format.

Thanks for that. :smiley:


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