Once again BFD licensing destroys a fundamentally good product

OMFG. I want to love BFD but the goofy liscening system once again kills a nice product. I cannot log into BFD licence manager. I think these guys must be paranoid and they have created a system that punishes honest software owners. I’ve read that you guys will not go to ilk. Fine. Make something as good or better. SO GD frustrated I spend more time trying to make this software work instead of using it to make music. Get your Act together!!!

How can I deauthorize all intsantiations of the software? Why only 3 intatiatilns allowed ? Artuira offers 5.

I have 3 different laptops and two desktops that I use for different setups. I should not have to tear my hair out every time I put in a new hard drive. GGGGGGRRRRRRR


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I have the same Problems, and instead of helping, i was told to be a professional and contact the friendly but useless support.
The support does not even read your mails correctly. They want a crashlog file, though i told them that i cannot even open up BFD…this is really unbelievable.
Regards Paul

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Okay, so… 3 simultaneous installs has been that way since about 2007. That was always FXpansion policy, and was carried through to BFD. That decision is nothing to do with inMusic, and is the way BFD has always been. If you’re trying to use on 5 machines simultaneously, then that is against the EULA. You would need additional licenses in order to use it on 5 machines.

You can de-authorize a machine by selecting an authorized product in BFD License Manager, and choosing the ‘De-Authorize…’ option inside the Products menu.

If you cannot login to License Manager, I need a bit more information to help on that one. Does it show any errors? What do you see?

I wasn’t able to login to the license manager. I was unable to log into my Music account. I change the password to see if that would fix it. And I did for once but it all seems very unstable. Andrew I know you are a good person. Can I suggest like other programs example Arturia, you can go in and D authorize all the computers. Or D authorize them. The Bfd licensing system still seems clunky and slow to respond to changes. I love the program but I hate what I have to go through to use it

…and i cannot even install one licence!!!

I’d prefer the ability to be able to de-authorize a machine from the inMusic profile page. Overloud is one company that comes to mind that does this. It’s very simple to delete an authorization from your account page. That way, if your machine shits the bed, you don’t have to lose an authorization.


And here we are again.

This is becoming as issue filled as using a real drummer :smiley:

Oh, the irony.

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As an example, if a hard drive dies, or a computer gets stolen, there is no way to go in and D authorize that license. This is been available on many programs for a decade. Again I’m not trying to be a bad person I just want things to work.

I have to say, in all the years I’ve had BFD, I’ve never had any issue at all with FXpansion or inMusic when it comes to replenishing authorizations. It’s not self-serve, but whenever I’ve needed it, they just reset it back to the original number.

I had one instance in the past with my Fxpansion authorizations running out. The guy who I spoke with in support reset them straight away, no questions asked.

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yeah that’s the norm. It’s exactly the same thing with iLok