Old Grooves from BFD Lite

Hello all fellow BFD enthusiasts! This is my first time on this forum, and I am already throwing my last ditch HAIL MARY! I have been racking my brain trying to reproduce a groove that I created a song from originally on BFD Lite that came with my ProTools 7 software, and I never actually purchased the full program at the time. I have a recording of the song, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to find the old groove, no matter how many expansion packs I buy! I currently have the Eldorado, Horsepower, 8-Bit Kit, and Modern Rock Grooves packs, and none seem to come close to having what I need. Is there anyone out there still working with that software that might have a list of available grooves, that may jog my memory? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have the original software that you could re-install? I have a copy of BFD Lite tucked away somewhere possibly. If I find it, I’ll give it a go for you.

Hey. I actually found it pretty quickly - amazing! First thing, I noticed in the README file, that my version is “BFD Lite for Alesis/AKAI”, so possibly somewhat different from your version that came with ProTools.
That disclaimer aside…


The folders contain from 4 to 16 variations on the theme:

Apparently, some tasty FUTURE grooves!

Those look like the BFD1/Eldorado grooves.

That’s amazing! My dilemma…I do have my original install discs from before, but they are for a computer with Windows Vista that has since locked up and is unusable, dead, kaput! I still remember that screen with the drum kit that looked like it was sitting in a studio room! I do not know how to work with MIDI files, so as such, I have been programming in BFD and I then route those tracks to an Audio track, and then just work with the WAV files from there. That list does look familiar! I just wonder what would happen if I tried to load the BFD Lite onto my current computer with ProTools 12, if it would allow me to bring up that list like you have? If I had made that MIDI map into a WAV file before the computer died I would not be going through this! I can’t thank you enough for your assistance! Let me think about what you have, and how I might be able to get what I need from that. Originally, I had reached out to FXPansion, BFD, whoever they are, and they were unable to help me with any information about that Lite version, so you have really got me excited that I might just be able to figure this out! Thanks so much again for your quick response! I’ll be in touch, unless you can think of any way that I may be able to access those files that you have.

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Those are just screen caps of the folders on my install disks. You can access all those files if you have your install disk. They aren’t contained in a .cab file or other type of archive installer file. You can access them directly from the CD. At least mine are like that. Here’s the path:


That’s probably about right, assuming BFD Lite back then was a scaled down version of BFD1. I got mine with my Alesis Control Pad in '09 or '10.

SF_ Green, I have a request. Could I purchase a copy of your disc from you? I would at least have all of those files, and would then try to somehow get them to play using either my BFD 3 software or, plan B, I have an Akai MPK mini that I can hook up to my computer, maybe I would be able to access those files through that, and at least turn what I need into a WAV file from there. Let me know if you would be willing to help me out, and what price tag you would put on this assistance. Thanks for your consideration.

SF_Green, BTW, I wasn’t able to find any install discs, I believe that everything I had back then came in the box with my Digidesign MBox 2 Pro, and the BFD Lite was installed with the original software installation of ProTools that I got with that hardware, which I cannot located either. I have checked my AVID account, and it does not have any download for anything but the ProTools software. I am still working on everything, but if I could get a copy of what you have, I think that I would be GOLDEN!

Sent you a PM with a Drive download link

You are definitely getting a copy of the song when I get it remixed! I can’t thank you enough SF_Green! I got everything downloaded to my computer, now I am off to sift through the haystack! Lol If you EVER need ANYTHING, I hope I can be of assistance to you in the future, even though there is really no possible way I could ever repay you! I go by Rob E G on stage, and have a website: robegrocks.com, if you would like to hear some of my finished tracks. I cannot wait to finish the current track and share it with you, it is an instrumental, and very uplifting to me, I hope it makes you feel the same way when you hear it. God knows that we could all use more of that in this world! I’ll contact you as soon as I can when the track is ready!

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No worries; it was nothing. Enjoy making music is repayment enough, but I look forward to hearing.