Old Expansions to buy

So it seems from Fxpansion’s website all the expansions are available in the migration. Can one purchase the old expansions like from sonic reality? Can you buy them from people that have them?

I’m pretty sure you can still buy older expansions and use them with inMusic. But if you’ve already migrated from Fxpansion, you’ll just have to ask Drew, or inMusic support for replacement serials.

here seems to be the list of expansions:
BFD3 as well as all expansion packs are eligible for migration. If you have expansion packs, but do not yet own BFD3, you can migrate your packs and access an exclusive upgrade price to BFD3 from the BFD Drums online shop

  • BFD3
  • BFD 8 Bit Kit
  • BFD Black Album Drums
  • BFD Cocktail
  • BFD Crush
  • BFD Decatom
  • BFD Deluxe
  • BFD Dunnett Ti
  • BFD Eldorado
  • BFD Groove Pack: Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal
  • BFD Groove Pack: Heavy Rock Classics
  • BFD Groove Pack: Japanese Taiko Grooves
  • BFD Groove Pack: JM Essentials Vol.1
  • BFD Groove Pack: JM Essentials Vol.2
  • BFD Groove Pack: Modern Rock Grooves
  • BFD Groove Pack: Stanton Moore Grooves
  • BFD Groove Pack: Vintage Rock Grooves
  • BFD Groove Pack: Virtually Erskine Grooves
  • BFD Heavy
  • BFD Horsepower
  • BFD Imperial Drums
  • BFD Japanese Taiko Percussion
  • BFD Jazz & Funk
  • BFD Jazz Maple
  • BFD Jazz Noir
  • BFD Kabuki & Noh Percussion
  • BFD London Sessions
  • BFD Maple Custom Absolute
  • BFD Marching Drums
  • BFD Metal Snares
  • BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects
  • BFD Modern Retro
  • BFD Oak Custom
  • BFD Oblivion
  • BFD Orchestral
  • BFD Percussion
  • BFD Provenance Snares
  • BFD Sabian Digital Vault
  • BFD Signature Snares Vol.1
  • BFD Signature Snares Vol.2
  • BFD Sleishman Drums
  • BFD Sleishman Snares
  • BFD Sphere
  • BFD Stanton Moore Cymbals
  • BFD Swan Percussion
  • BFD Vintage Recording Techniques
  • BFD Virtually Erskine
  • BFD Wooden Snares
  • BFD Zildjian Digital Vault Vol.1
  • BFD Zildjian Digital Vault Vol.2
  • Chocolate Audio - Contemporary Vintage
  • Chocolate Audio - The Italian Drum Job
  • Drum Drops - 1970s Hayman Kit
  • Drum Drops - Gretsch Round Badge Soul
  • Drum Drops - Ludwig Super Classic Kit
  • Drum Drops - Mapex Heavy Rock Kit
  • Drum Drops - Modern Folk Kit
  • Drum Drops - Rogers Dub Kit
  • Drum Drops - Sixties Motown Kit
  • Drum Drops - Slingerland
  • Drum Drops - Vintage Disco Kit
  • Drum Drops - Vintage Folk Kit
  • Drum Drops - Vintage Funk Kit
  • Drum Drops - Yamaha Hybrid Kit
  • Platinum Samples - Andy Johns
  • Platinum Samples - Evil Drums Eco Kit 1
  • Platinum Samples - Evil Joes Glamouflague Kit
  • Platinum Samples - Hirsch Manic Love
  • Platinum Samples - Jim Scott
  • Platinum Samples - Jim Scott 2
  • Platinum Samples - Joe Barresi
  • Platinum Samples - Rock Legends QuickPack
  • Sonic Reality - Alan Parsons 70s Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Alan Parsons Silver Sparkle
  • Sonic Reality - Alan Parsons Vintage 70s Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Epic Drums 60s Downbeat Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Epic Drums Bill Cobham Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Epic Drums Terry Bozio
  • Sonic Reality - Epik Drums 60s and 70s Kits
  • Sonic Reality - Epik Drums Bob Seibenberg Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Epik Drums Woody Woodmansey Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Hugh Padgham
  • Sonic Reality - Ken Scott Collection
  • Sonic Reality - Neil Peart Kit
  • Sonic Reality - Nick Mason
  • Sonic Reality - Parsons Black Oyster
  • Sonic Reality - Vinny Appice Kit

I think you can get the Platinum Samples here:
and Sonic reality here:

I think Drumdrops does not support anymore.

Looks like you can’t get BFD deluxe, XFL and the Zildjian digital vaults

The only ones that won’t work AFAIK are the Drumdrops ones; they need to update their installers to work with the latest software unlock system. I offered to do it for them but no response.


Thanks for looking into that. Maybe if we all try again on them, especially after BFD4 comes out? I really like their kits: I’ve got five of them. Mine seem to work, so I guess it means you can’t do new installs?

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A ton of my favorite presets used their Mapex kit - trying to sub out any of those kit pieces really changes the character of the presets - I’d love to get them back some day.

If anyone has any suggestions for third party Soul - funk groove midi groove packs I would love to hear them.