Ok, ok, I was wrong, the auth manager IS terrible

So, I wondered why I had no drum sound on my track (sadly the plugin isn’t too stable with logic)… so I restarted logic.

and it’s only when I opened the plugin (thing I rarely do once the sounds are set up) that I had the warning message about the authorisation… I thought i was done in the background, why do I have to manually care about that ?

Icing on the cake, I still had no drums after the authorisation and I had to restart logic.

Contrary to some people here, I don’t care that I need to be connected I even would be okay-ish with a popup every 3 month asking to check online… but having the plugin silently failing and having to find why and restart logic : big yikes.

I was part of the people wondering why people were so upset with the auth… I get it now.



Not upset with authorization. That’s been SOP in some form or other for decades. Upset that the authorization process is so high effort. We all have various software from various companies with various authorization schemes. BFD takes the cake for wasting people’s time. I’m having a moment, let’s say. Inspiration strikes… I’m thinking some slamming BFD samples are what I need to scratch this itch. We’ve all been there, right?

So now replace the joy of creating, with the entirely not fun process of having to spend any time at all tracking down why the app won’t function. Not to beat a dead horse at this point, but it’s not like a hundred other software vendors do this every day with not nearly as much head scratching on the part of the user.

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