Ok, ok, I was wrong, the auth manager IS terrible

So, I wondered why I had no drum sound on my track (sadly the plugin isn’t too stable with logic)… so I restarted logic.

and it’s only when I opened the plugin (thing I rarely do once the sounds are set up) that I had the warning message about the authorisation… I thought i was done in the background, why do I have to manually care about that ?

Icing on the cake, I still had no drums after the authorisation and I had to restart logic.

Contrary to some people here, I don’t care that I need to be connected I even would be okay-ish with a popup every 3 month asking to check online… but having the plugin silently failing and having to find why and restart logic : big yikes.

I was part of the people wondering why people were so upset with the auth… I get it now.