Off time grooves

Is there a way to change the time signature of grooves. Example- I want to do a song in 7/4 and use existing grooves, but truncated. When I move grooves into the drum track it won’t let me snap them to a signature other than 4/4. Any way around this? What if I wanted to do crazy time signatures- how do you set this up?

Have you tried entering a time signature manually? At the very top, where it also shows the BPM? I am sure it’s doable, but I can’t remember the exact method now. (In a couple of hours I will be back at my machine and return with screenshots.)

Edit: Oh wait, you want to use the Groove track too. I’m not sure if it’s doable.

Got it. It works like a charm. As I said, enter the time signature up top, then start building your groove track and just shorten the grooves to fit the bars.

7-8 groove track