OddGrooves MIDI Drum Packs

Hope this is ok to post here. I’m sure some folks here have heard of OddGrooves, but for those that haven’t, they make some pretty cool packs and reasonably priced. The only downside is that they don’t have mapping for BFD3, but they do for GM and IMAP, so that could work with BFD3 with maybe a little map editing if needed. I did leave them a message, suggesting adding BFD3 maps to their packs, as we have a lot of new users and this platform is kind of waking up again.

Like everyone else out there right now, they too have a sale happening, so maybe worth checking out. Also, in their Blog section, they have a bunch of free drum grooves that you can download. So you could check some of those out first to see how the mapping is with BFD3 before buying anything.

So just passing it along to anyone looking for adding some potential grooves options. I think they have contests as well on occasion, where you record some music over their freebies and you can win some of their full packs. :beers:


Thanks for the share :blush:

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This was his reply…

Yeah, that’s something that’s been on my to-do-list for a while… I tried it before but couldn’t really get my head around the file categorization. But the actual mapping shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll probably wait until BFD4 comes out. In the meantime, dragging GM files from a Finder window is a workaround.

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I have several of the OddGrooves packs. I also have Groove Monkee and Loop Loft MIDI packs.

I don’t worry about groove packs not being in BFD3 format. I just pull it in as GM. It works just fine. It’s not any more cumbersome than the BFD groove finder.

Same here, also have groove monkey and ugritone packs, they work fine when imported as GM. @Fender_Bender thanks for the update though.

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@kafka I did try and import a couple in as GM and most of the data is ok, but there were a few that seemed off. Then there’s also the having to save the imported .mid as an actual .bfd3pal, adding those to a new library folder and re-scanning user content paths to show up properly. Which OddGrooves packs do you have btw?

I have Basic, WestCoast, Fill, FourFour, and Latin.

Looking through my email, I once asked them for support on their GM mapping. Not all vendors agree perfectly on what that should be. Per from OddGrooves sent me this as the standard they follow.


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