[NOT A SOFTWARE BUG] How to import BFD2 paths to BFD 3.4.2?

Afetr profile migration to inmusicbrands there is no way to import old BFD2 data paths to BFD3. I have newest BFD3 update but still can’t use old samples.

How to do it? I have licensed BFD2 content.

I try to rescan paths in “Set up content locations”. Then “Add BFD2 paths”. All is good in theory. When I try to drop a snare to the slot…there is alert “…not licensed…” and all BFD data disapper from the drums list. License Manager can see only BFD3 serial. BFD2 serial didn’t migrated. Anyone can help??

I explained in the other thread - you cannot have ‘licensed BFD2’ samples in this version of BFD3 - you need to get the London Sessions pack. You can then (mainly) use BFD2 presets/kits etc

I don’t know how many different ways to say this ?

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You don’t need to do that. As I understand it if you want to sue the old BFD2 stuff you need a new serial number and you have to PM BFD Drew to get it.

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^This is the main pinned thread that discusses this topic. The goal is to get a replacement serial # for any legacy products (like BFD2), that aren’t included in the migration process.