[NOT A BUG] Can't input Product SN#

Got a London SN# from Drew, the register new product button on InMusic takes me to a window that has a greyed out (21) in the field, then only allows 15 characters…not enough

the LM has no area for a code input…any ideas? tx -L

On the LM, at the top, there’s Products->Register Product Serial. That will take the long serial #.

Don’t know what’s up with the website. That looks more like a packaging bar code.

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thanks K, the window for input is not in my LM, its in the top CPU header…aasn’t even looking there

Yeah, it’s up at that thing at the top. I’m not sure what it’s called. It’s not down on the window itself.

Yeah, it’s under, Products/Register Product Serial.


Heya - this isn’t a bug, the register field on the website is for hardware only. Not software. Web-team need to make that clear; they’ve got it in their list of things to address already.

For BFD, do all registration and authorization through the BFD License Manager application.