NO SUPPORT, licensing issues, cannot use

Wish I’d never bothered to upgrade to BFD 3 and just continued to use BFD 2.

I e mailed support MONTHS ago. No reply. I cannot use BFD3, it wants me to run the licensor every time - I try but still no luck.

Appalling service from a company that obviously doesn’t give a damn about its customers. Never again. Loved BFD 2 but looks like Steven Slate will get my business going forward.

EDIT - having not used for so long I forgot that BFD 2 runs in 64 bit so I’ve re-installed BFD 2. Will ignore and badmouth the new company that owns BFD3 as they don’t deserve to be in business. Only way to get support is to scream loudly on social media. I’ve messaged them on Twitter - we’ll see if they deign to reply, if not, shame on them. FIX IT GUYS!

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Support recently got back to me on a couple of cases from months ago. There was an issue with emailed cases, etc.

The point being, try the support form on the website. It seems to be working now. You may get a better response this time.

Well they got back to me this time, and now I’ve had to re-install the software, re-authorise. This software, bought and paid for, is NOT a subscription, yet has to be re-authorised every 30 days. Utterly ridiculous. Does anyone own software that is not a subscription that has to be re-authorised every 30 days? It’s as if they don’t trust their own customers…


I agree, re-authorization every 30 days is not a good thing but at least I could use it. But now, bfd3.4 doesnt run due to unknown error. LM cannot connect to server. Re-installation also did not worked

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Make a thread about this, Roberto, and someone might be able to help.

Yes perhaps I will do that. I tried to send an message to tech support at bfd drums but after filling in all info the send button doesnt do anything