No sound out of BDF3 thru audio codec

I have no sound out of BFD3. I’m using audio codec and Alesis strike thru midi in and out

Hi Marc and welcome to the BFD Drums forums.

First let me ask, are you using BFD in standalone mode or are you going through a DAW?
Second, are you using an audio interface or are using your PC’s sound card?

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Living Room Rocker

Great thanks for your help.
I´m using my Yamaha sound card witch is working with audio codec. I think that the sound problem is because the preset and kits are not working. The only way I get sound is when I drag drum components individualy in the drum image. For exemple if I drag when a Ludwig stainless steel kick composent under the kick in the picture on the right image and I presse on the kick pedal il work’s or with any componant it is also working. But when I try to drag à preset or a kit, I have no sound out of it.

I ´m using BFD3 standalone

Try rescanning all content paths in setup content locations.

Thanks for the proposed solution. But I reloded the complet app twice with same result. Is their a way to relod only the presets and kits?