No access to BFD2 drums?

I’m trying to work on older projects in Logic, but BFD3 (M1) doesn’t access my BFD2 drum sound library.
When I go into the preferences it shows me a greyed out path to the BFD2 folder on disc, with a button that says activate.
When I click on activate the BFD license manager comes up, but it doesn’t show any BFD2 licenses.
Is there a way to access my BFD2 drum sound library with BFD3?

When you say M1, do you mean the recent build?
Also, you say BFD2 content but if you’re on the latest build you must surely mean The London Sessions?


I don’t know about the London Sessions. My last BFD2 update was in 2012. I then switched to BFD3 but still had access to all the kit pieces that came with BFD2 (all that happened on my old 2009 MacPro). I’m now working with a Mac Studio M1 and only a week ago I updated to the build.

Right, since the migration to inmusic BFD2 content no longer works will BFD3.

You will need to contact support (or pm @BFD_Drew) with your account details and BFD2 serial.
They will provide you with a serial for The London Sessions which you will need to download.
The London Sessions are the BD2 library that has been repackaged.
It is free to all owners of BFD2.


Thank you for your info!

Making my first comment, in hopes of being able to PM someone to get a serial number. Bizarre.

@Pettycells Getting PM privileges on the Discourse platform has nothing to do with posting comments actually. You can read this post explaining what you need to do.

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