Nightmare Since Moving to InMusic

I’ve had no end of problems since migrating BFD to inMusic. The lastest saga, which I need resolving ASAP, is that having successfully migrated and updated BFD, BFD now won’t recognise any of my samples from a pre-existing copy of BFD Eco or - worse! - BFD3, no matter how much I try to rescan my drive.

When I do try to rescan my drive, after a few minutes, BFD just crashes.

Can anyone help?!

I didn’t think BFD3 ever used the BFD Eco library. :thinking:
That said I guess BFD Eco can play the BFDLAC files so I guess it should work both ways.

Have you downloaded the latest build of the licence manager which is at v with the latest build of BFD3 which is

There were issues with the content scanner that were, ‘kind of’ fixed but if you’re running it for the first time you need to let it run for as long as it take which could be quite a while, it may look like it’s crashed but I suggest waiting.


i had to re-install all the libraries with the new installers from downloading them in the LM to get them noticed :frowning: it sux but it what it is and the only way i got my stuff to work. good luck



I think for a lot of users, this will be the solution.

Over the years, a lot of weird and inconsistent practices have shown up in the expansion installers. Some of these install multiple versions of the same presets in different locations, and those locations aren’t 100% consistent across expansion packs. So, I think some have ended up with paths inside of paths, which is causing a lot of these crashes.

Now, I, for one, am not seeing these crashes - at all (Mac). But I probably have a cleaner install than almost anyone, because I’ve always moved my presets so they’re with the expansion they came with. I don’t keep any expansion presets, kits, or grooves in the Core or system paths, and I never mix expansion paths. I also don’t add the legacy BFD2 path, because there’s nothing left over there. So I’ve been manually fixing all of these duplicate and embedded path problems all along.

yeah i completely cleaned out all my old installations… presets and all… then reinstalled just what inmusic gave me.

again it sucked… time spent and data bandwidth eaten up but at least i finally got things working as they should. and yeah fxpansion’s stuff was all over the place after years with them. it was really a mess after two upgrades (started with Eco) plus expansions from different versions. i don’t envy the headaches inmusic bought into.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

What’s the best way of uninstalling BFD and starting again? I’m on a Mac but there’s no uninstaller for BFD.

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sorry can’t help… i am on window$ :frowning:

Just go to the Applications directory and delete and BFD License

The system level files are in /Library/Application Support/BFD Drums. The user level support is in User/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3 and User/Library/Application Support/BFD License Manager. You can just blow those away, too. If you really want to double down, your temp keys are located in User/Library/Application Support/com.inmusicbrands/softwareunlock. Blow that away, too.

That’s complete removal of installed software. In general, not totally necessary, but not harmful, either. All your licenses exist on the inMusic server. Just make sure they’re there in your account. Or, in some email, or written on a sticky, so you can prove they once existed should you need them.

Otherwise, your user presets, grooves, and kits (which, I expect are the really hard to replace things), are all kept in Documents/BFD Drums/BFD3. If you want, you can just move BFD3 out of the way, and move all that content in piece-by-piece.

(And, if you’re skittish, just rename all these directories instead of actually deleting them)

Thanks for the help everyone.

I have two issues now. Having uninstalled BFD 3, if I try to reinstall it again by going to InMusic, the only thing you can download from your account is the License Manager, which - in theory - you can download BFD from… only there’s no option of downloading BDF at all.

Okay, so that’s one issue.

The second is, I went back to FXpansion to download the previous version - which I know works - and did installed… only now I can’t access my Modern Snare expansion pack (which I bought when FXpansion still owned BFD). The folder scans but comes up with ‘License!’. If I click the ‘License!’ button it loads (the old) license manager and shows that it’s authorised, but BFD itself doesn’t list the samples in the engine.

Any ideas on either front?!

In the LM, click on the line that says BFD3. The Download button will show up down below. It’s a little weird.

The old expansion pack is tied to the old FXpansion license. Re-install it using the LM. Same as above, click on it in the LM, and the download button will show up down below.

This is still driving me insane!

So, I’ve wiped everything and decided to start again with the latest version.

I’ve installed BFD okay but when I try to download the content, the red bar on the license app says I only have 36GB left on my hard drive when I have 450GB.

How do you delete the license manager as something is clearly wrong!

If you’re on windows, delete the folder C:\Users\Comp\AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD License Manager

No idea about macs


I’ve managed to uninstall it from my Mac and tried reinstalling it but it’s still showing an incorrect amount of GB left to install anything when half my hard drive is empty!

LOL. We don’t do ‘Roaming’.

Did you change the Preferences in the LM to point to your preferred download path? Do that before you press anything. If you have a download in progress, kill it and delete it first.

Hi, someone could tell me where to find the latest bfd upgrade 3.4xxx?

Open the licence manager, on the right side where you see BFD3 listed, click on it and you should see information as to what your current version is and an option to download the latest version.


Thank you. Aflter searching it seems that there is a migration problem for my account.

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