Newbie here. Looking some advice

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Tutorials are under the BFD Knowledge Base

There is also a Live Chat support

"We offer live technical support chat right here on our knowledge base.
Click the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to get started."

Chat Hours

Monday through Friday:

  • 10:30am EST - 2:00pm EST
  • 2:30pm EST - 6:00pm EST
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Hey live chat support: where was Sam yesterday at 5:00 pm EST? No show…he booked it…

Bought it today and so, far, everything working Great.

I have to learn How to use the software because it has a lot of features.

I could play the grooves to check out the different kits and presets sounds. But i believe it’s because i dont know How to.

Sounds amazing, triggers really well, loud and clear. I didn’t have time to try it all but i really like it.

What makes a really difference for me is that, compared to other libraries i own the kicks trigger amazingly well.

I guess i will be asking a lot in the future about teaking instruments to my liking.


Cool Nacho. Glad everything went smoothly for you. You can check out these early BFD3 tutorial videos. They’ll clear up a few things for you. I can PM you some Groove3 BFD3 tutorial vids if you want. They will go into even more detail.


I just want to find if there is a learn function so i Can add mi pads to each instrument.

Yes, next to the ‘Groove’ tab you’ll see ‘Auto’, click on that and hit the ‘Learn’ button.
At least I think that’s where you do it. :thinking:


Still cannot make it work.
It’s like half of my kit works and the other half dont.

My second crash and the china cymbal arent working.

I still dont understand How to use the learn function. I hit learn and then what? I hit the pads and nothing happens

What pads are you using?
You might find that there’s an ascociated keymap to load.

You could try loading the general midi keymap.


Actually i have:

VH-10 hi hat
CY-5 crash
CY-13 Ride
CY-8 china
Atv-14 crash
KD-10 kick
atv pads for snare and toms.

Snare works great, the toms used to work but when i loaded the TD-17 preset posted here, mid tom stopped triggering, floor tom Works good as well.
Kick and hi hat also seems to work fine

The Tom assignments will vary on a kit by kit basIs…BFD Kits/expansions are not setup for e-drum kits…ie Tom 1/Tom 1 rim,Tom 2 /Tom 2 rim etc…Each Kit piece in BFD has a number of articulations with MIDI assignments…some have multiple MIDI note assignments…some Kits have high toms…high rack toms…mid toms and Floor toms.You may have a preset loaded with a different Tom configuration than what was mapped…2 high toms…2 floor…3 high toms…1 floor…2 high Toms…1 mid Tom…1 floor…2 high…2 mid…1 floor.etc etc
I mapped the according to the Roland keymap so everything is there , including the aux inputs which you may or may not be using.You can swap the MIDI Note assignments around easily and don’t even need the kit connected.Here is a post with a brief mapping guide.
Post the expansion you’re using and the preset and I’ll create a keymap just for that kit to help you get started.If it works well and all the kit pieces are correct I will update the link for the TD-17 map.
If you need a reference instead of using the Kit or having it hooked up , here’s the TD-17 Keymap…eventually you’ll have them memorized and won’t need to refer to it a number of the MIDI assignments are the same as GM Percussion Standard (General MIDI)
Also read through the E-Kit section…it gives you all the info you will need about additional mapping and dialing in the Hi Hat etc.
Help > Launch Online Manual > MIDI Key and Automation Mapping > Using Electronic Drum Kits.
Help > Launch Online Manual > MIDI Key and Automation Mapping > MIDI Key mapping.

In the MIDI Key mapping section you can learn about the “Learn” feature and also about stacking,layering and Velocity Switching (Velocity Splitting)…which is switching articulations with MIDI Velocity…ie low velocity strike = Rim click…higher velocity = Rim shot etc

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Hello Chaser how are you?

Im using BFD3 Core library.

What i can see is that my two aux inputs are not triggering. One of them is the right crash and the other is a china.

Another thing is that if i hit the left crash hard it chokes.

Sorry for making so many questions. I was used to the kind of vsti where you hit learn buton and then assign the pad and that was it.

We warned you, bro. Handy Drums are still on sale $35-39. Fast download and mapped my Simmons in under ten minutes.yes, it’ll do cymbal swells.

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CORE has 7 kits…multiple tom and cymbal configurations…I would just be guessing at the mapping , which was why I mentioned +Preset to see which kit pieces are activated.
The main layout is 11 cymbals…2 kick…6 toms…2 snares…HH
Kit #1 (Metal)…2 kicks… 6 toms…snare… 3 crashes… splash… china… ride…HH
Kit #2 (Indie)…1 kick…snare… 3 toms…crash…2 rides…HH
Kit #3 (70’s Rock)…1 kick…3 toms…snare…2 crashes…1 ride…HH
Kit #4 (Pop)…Kick…1 kick…4 toms…snare…2 crashes…1 ride…HH

Kit’s 5,6, and 7 have the same configuration…1 kick…6 toms…snare…6 cymbals…HH…with the exception of #5-Stick#6-Brush#7- Mallet.

As for the external inputs aux/crash2…make sure they are assigned properly in the module…Trigger Type…piezo/piezo is typically for toms…piezo/switch is for cymbals and the correct Roland model setting selected.Here’s the link for Roland TD-17 V-Drums Trigger Settings
Roland sends you on a wild goose chase for info on the External Inputs…
First…The Comprehensive Drummer’s Guide To The Roland TD-17 V-Drums..
which eventually sends you to…Expanding And Customizing Your V-Drums
which lists inputs,compatibility and typical addons…
Click on …Expanding the TD-17KL/KV/KVX V-Drums sends you back to Rolands Product page…

If they are not Roland cymbals then you’ll need to do some research and check over at Vdrums for compatibility settings.There are also topics/posts about splitting the External inputs and the correct cables to use.
I mapped as a typical user would when expanding…with one for a floor tom or 4th tom (aux) and one for an extra cymbal (crash 2).
As for the cymbal choking at velocity…see if the articulation selected for the left crash (typically Crash 1) has a choke note assigned…it shouldn’t…I believe the TD-17 uses aftertouch…not a choke note.
I think “Preview Ram audio only” also caused this behavior…under Engine/Streaming Engine.

As far as MIDI learning…IGNORE the Learn Single…Multi Learn…for now make sure they aren’t highlighted/on…
Click on Keymap…
Click on the kit piece in the Kit view…the column to the right shows the articulations highlight the one you want…
make sure Follow MIDI is highlighted…strike the pad/trigger…SELECTED NOTE will change to the incoming MIDI note.
click on Assign to Selected and articulation you selected above will appear in the window under assignments.
…repeat for any trigger you need to change.
Don’t forget to Save the Keymap.

Lol! How many hoops….

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BTW: I got it to authorize and before I could map it, it crashed Logic twice. I know midi mapping.

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Yeah, Bro…you were warned :clown_face:

Edited, to clarify: This was not directed at Nacho

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Making your own keymap is a fairly simple affair. Use ‘follow midi’ in the keymap page. Hit your drum. It will select the midi note for that drum or trigger source. Select the drum you want to map in the mixer. On the right hand side, drag the articulation/sound for that drum, to the highlighted midi key.

Do this for all of your trigger sources. Save keymap.


It’s that simple, until I knew this a while back, I struggled, it works extremely well.

I thought you were being a sarcastic fanboy. Lol.Edited for clarity: :roll_eyes: