Newbie and it seems like I came in a wrong time

Hey all. New to the forum. Actually, at 62, I’m new at the Mac, BFD, DAW, VST, midi connection and mapping. Hell, I’m freakin new to everything here except for life. I’m a cyber geek in real life, but play a drummer in the privacy of my own home. For my own Christmas present, I bought a Millenium MPS-850 kit, which is a mega upgrade from my Simmons SD1000.

I bought the BFD because of a recommendation from a song writing friend of mine (lowly guitar player). I’ve enjoyed the crap out of the crystal clear sounds coming from the engine making my crappy kit sound like real drums. Fantastic. I’m still trying to learn the software and will be coming frequently to ask questions.

But it seems like there’s alot of really unhappy people here and some just come here to complain without any suggestions for resolutions. And maybe it’s because I"m new and don’t know any better, but I’ve been loving the product and learn something new every couple of days. Hell, it took me a week or two to finally discover that the scroll on the mouse, moves the knobs on the mixer.

Being old and from Cali, I’ve been to over 123+ dead shows and countless Allman Bro shows, and because wife is a parrothead, been to over 40 buffett shows. When I play with those at home, I like a different sound out of the drum depending on what I’m playing.

With that being said, thanks to all that are here and please help me if you see me waving a white flag.


Welcome Greg. That’s great that you’ve been able to get up and running without any major hiccups so far, especially having to get familiar with a new OS. Computer tech/audio really has come a long way since I started back in the early 2000’s. Those Millennium eKits are supposed to be pretty good, at least the MPS-850(X). Enjoy your new toys.

Here’s some BFD3 tutorials on the FXpansion YouTube page that you may find useful and don’t forget the manual in the BFD3 file menu under Help. I’ve learned a bunch just skimming through that.

Welcome Greg, BFD is the best, glad you’re enjoying it. :blush:

Aw, dude, glad you’re here.

I seem to have (knock wood) no real issues with BFD. It’s just awesome, and (for me) it just works.

Glad you’ve made your way to the modern world! I’m a fellow oldster, but I’ve been a computer/music geek for decades. With all the awesome tools we have now, and all the methods of distribution, I wish to F**k I was was 20 years younger. I would have taken over the world. Lol.

Hey, if you need any help with getting yourself comfortable with DAWs and writing and whatnot, DM me. I’d be happy to chat!


Hey Greg. I still have an 8 track of BTO’s greatest hits in my closet, so I know the era. :slight_smile:

That said, I think a majority of the complaints here have to do with the authorization of the product, whereas the product itself was well-designed by it originator, FXpansion, many years ago. They were able to iron out a lot of the bugs before it was sold to new owners.

So it does work well for most of us. I think the issues that tend to crop up the most have to do with the transition and the handling of the software from that transition. Extensions, upgrades, updates, etc.

Nonetheless, if you’re like me, playing keeps you young at heart, and BFD3 is not a bad sounding piece of drum software to have coming through your speakers at the end of the day.

Glad you’re enjoying the experience.