New User - Drum Kits don't load into BFD

Just wasted two hours trying to get BFD3.4 to load the drum kits to enable it to output a sound but without success. There is no output or sound from any kit selected just a stack of yellow triangles with a red exclamation mark. BFD3 was loaded with all suggested locations chosen - seems like you need an IT degree to get this to work - any clues please, the manual is pretty useless here as it assumes the software is actually working and there appears to be no way of finding the kits via BFD3.

Heya. No IT degree needed. Just download the audio content installer, and then make sure you actually run the installer application. This is all laid out here:

The yellow triangles indicate that the audio content isn’t actually installed.


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All my bfd3 instruments load ok and are ac=vailable and yet although listed as registered in licence manager they are not listed as installed- despite being installed and functional.
Does this matter??

Not really, I mean if the kits are still seen by BFD3 and are playing okay.
I think it’s an issue with the LM that’s been there for a few builds now, I have it too.


Drew, thanks for your response - I know that the audio files were downloaded because it took nearly two hours to download 37GB but I followed all the instructions in the downloader and selected all the default locations. There was nothing in the instructions about creating a new folder in the root of a separate drive.

Now I can’t see the download and going into the licenser I have attempted to download again but it just hangs with “checking status of files already downloaded”.

I’ve never experienced such an awful process (and I’m a Cubase user).

I am tempted to remove everything I have downloaded and start again - will that screw up the authorisation and the process? To be honest I’m getting a bit frustrated with this now and the time it is taking to get through the ridiculous licencing process and now this.

I can’t now follow the instructions you sent as I am between two situations - the software is loaded and the data is loaded too - but the two are disconnected. How do I fix this? Or should I just put this down to experience and move to something user friendly?


@sagovdrum It doesn’t matter if it shows a download available, even if your content is playing correctly. As Steve said, this was a bug with the LM and I also experienced this a couple times, but I haven’t had this issue for quite some time. The easy way to remedy it, is to just re-download the expansion again and install.

I think whilst tinkering around, I was able to edit the .plist file for an expansion that showed it wasn’t installed, to correctly show that it was installed, but it didn’t seem to work consistently. I would just install again and you should be good to go and show everything as being up-to-date.

Good advice Fender_Bender - I’ve now reinstalled the audio files and been able to get this working. It’s still a messy process and I now have to delete all the previously downloaded audio files. Thanks for your help.

@cprice2437 You don’t need to delete anything. Just install to the same location again. It overwrites it with no issue iirc.