New user: BFD3 not available in my DAWs

Hi, I just bought and succesfully (?) installed BFD3. I am on Win10.
I can succesfully launch the app however I cannot see BFD3 as an instrument in Studio One or in VEPRO 7.
If I check the usual folders (Vstplugins, Common Files/VST2, Common Files/VST3, etc.) I cannot find anything related to BFD.
Any help?

Hi Welcome. Did you open the license manager and activate BFD3 yet?

If you need it you can download the License Manager and the manual here

You can either try re-installing and make sure your pointing the installer to the right folder to put the VST in, or manually copy (since you said the standalone launches) the BFD3.dll to your preferred VST 2 folder and rescan with your DAW

The default location to find the BFD3.dll file is C:\Program Files\BFD Drums\BFD3


manually copying BFD3.dll to the VST2 folder solved the problem.
Not sure why the installation did skip that step as I pointed the installer to the right folder.
Well, anyway now it works :slight_smile:

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