New Roland KeyMaps? TD -17

how to create keymap file in BFD3. or and new Roland Keymaps … Roland TD 17 in particular

Load Key Map (File>Load Key Map)…select the “empty” preset…then assign all the MIDI notes.
You can assign the MIDI Notes manually or MIDI learning
Save it (File>save Key Map)
I created a map with image…using the TD-17 Default MIDI Map as posted on Roland’s Zendesk.

Here’s the link to the download for the TD-17 Map
Unzip/copy into the BFD3 system Maps folder.
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Maps.(Windows)
I do not know the location for newer macOS or if it has changed. (I do have a High Sierra machine…don’t fire it up very often).It may be at …Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System/Maps.

I do not have the cymbal choke notes mapped as the MIDI map doesn’t show any MIDI notes (most don’t) and they may be aftertouch from the module so you’ll have to MIDI learn them.
The Aux notes are mapped to a 4th Tom and the Hi Hat is mapped to the standard Open/Closed MIDI Notes but you can assign the variable articulation to the Bow(Tip) and Edge(Shank)…oddly enough the Factory TD-17 MIDI Note Map Roland posted doesn’t list a Splash note.
The TD-17 is very close to GM Percussion Standard…so I mapped the Splash to 21.
If it doesn’t work remove or change accordingly.
More info…
Help > Launch Online Manual > MIDI Key and Automation Mapping > MIDI key Maps

UPDATE:Mapped to BFD3 Core Kit