New licence manager

So, I installed the new licence manager and noticed now that there is a new ‘product’ folder where it lives called BFD Drums which is as I expected.

I now have 2 working licence managers, I’m sure it used to have an uninstall file in the folder but I don’t see it and it’s not listed in the ‘programs and features’ in windows 10.

I’m assuming I can just delete the folders and not have to worry about it?


Old FX License Manager has nothing to do with BFD going forward. BFD License Manager will handle all downloads and auth-tasks for BFD3.4.

If you’re comfortable moving on 100% to 3.4, then you can remove the old LM.

hmm … I didn’t get any notice of a new license manager. Where did that info come from?

None of my licences appear in the new licence manager nor in my new InMusic account post supposedly successful migration.

It tells me I have no products yet and there’s no method for correcting this nor any available support from those pages or apps. The support form is completely broken and apparently has been for some time from what other users say.

How am I meant to get this fixed when there’s no way of raising a support ticket?

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I had to go looking too. First I heard about it was from this forum and other people posting.

Log into your fxpansion account and it’ll start the process for you.


I’d already done the migration and it won’t run again - it simply doesn’t work

That is I logged into my FXPansion account and I get the message ‘already migrated’ - there’s no option to start the process again if it has failed.

hmm … logged in and didn’t get any notices. Still confused.

What notices should you be seeing?
Do you mean registered kits?


someone said it would tell me to upgrade the license manager. I just have the list of all the stuff I bought like normal.

So have you successfully installed the new licence manager to version

If you click on BFD3 in the licence manager it should give you an option to install the latest version or uninstall your current one.

Are you seeing that like in the image below?

If so then you can then install the new version of BFD3 from there.


Interesting, I looked yesterday and there wasn’t an update for BFD3. And I have the old manager that doesn’t have that bottom part. So, I’m updating to … but now I’m thinking not to do it if I have to be on the internet?

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Yeah if your internet is intermittent then maybe wait until the BFD team have responded but I’m sure this will be resolved, if it’s intentional I suspect they will be forced to reconsider but I’m hoping it’s a bug of some sort.


I think you can unintall fxpansion license manager if you did’t have other fxpansion product :joy: