Natural Drum Kit aka NS_Kit7

Not sure if it’s kosher to discuss BFD competitors on here but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Natural Drum Kit, previously known as ns_kit7.

Just discoverd it today and am pretty impressed by the demos, one of the only libraries I’ve heard with cymbals that compare to BFD:

There’s barely any info on it though, no youtube videos, no shots of the interface. Let me know if you’ve ever used it and how it runs.


I’ve always been of the opinion that any drum sample library, not matter how good it sounds, is quite hindered by having to using it in Kontakt rather than a dedicated drum VST like BFD3.

It does sound lovely though but I’d want to see what mixing and tweaking capabilities it has within kontakt.


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I agree. Most of my drum libraries are in Kontakt though so I’m used to it, but the tweakability factor is essential. I’m on an e-kit so I need good mapping and velocity curve options, and enough round robins.

I always get leery when a library boasts of having loads of velocity layers because that sometimes means they skimp on the round robins. Great for playing on a keyboard, but on a e-kit you get machine-gunning.

Wow, that does sound fantastic actually. Very reminiscent of BFD in the detail and feel. The cymbals sound great, especially the hihats. It doesn’t say, but I’m assuming you need the full Kontakt and not the player? I do have the free version of HALion Sonic, but not sure if that’s compatible either.

Nice find @JDrums.

Soon as I saw Kontakt I gave up, sounds great but no thanks, even Halion which I use a lot in Cubase, not as a drum interface, no thanks. Pity.