Native AAX Silicon Support

Make the update and then charge for the native AAX silicon version, if it is so difficult then charge users for functionality. At the same time make a ‘re-splash’ of the new support in the face of Superior Drummer etc, BFD3 can compete, use the AAX native launch as an oppty to drive more license sales and charge current users for the upgrade, I will put $100 in the mail right now if it will help.

Arthurion, don’t waste your time and money pursuing this software, BFD is dead in the water. It was a great piece of software 10 years ago and under previous ownership. However since its transfer to new ownership, (a company who are even incapable of maintaining a reliable authorisation system) it has fallen WAY behind the competition. Silicon support will never arrive for BFD. I made the switch to Superior Drummer around 5 years ago, and have never looked back. The improvement in stability, sound quality, and developer support is immense. I suggest you put your $100 to better use.