Named notes are not displayed in Reaper MIDI Editor on Piano Roll

Hello! :wave:
I added BFD Player in Reaper DAW to the track, these are very cool drums, I’m really glad that I found this wonderful Player! Thank you very much to the developers for making this plugin available to everyone! :star_struck: :sparkles:
My question is that when I opened the midi editor in Reaper and turned on the display of named notes, the names of the notes are not displayed in Piano Roll… :person_shrugging:
I decided to check with another MT-PowerKit plugin, I placed it on another track, but I still don’t see the note names.

I watched this video from Kenny G on the topic of named notes where he used the Sitala plugin as an example.
I downloaded this plugin, installed it on another track, added a midi item and saw the named notes there.
It seems that the problem is not in the Reaper settings, but in the BFD Player plugin itself?
Can you please tell me if BFD Player provides signed notes? (I haven’t found any information about this in the manual yet).
If so, what additional steps do I need to do to display these Named Notes in Reaper Piano Roll?
Thank you very much for your attention! :+1: