My no.1 request

I’m in love with the attention to detail and sheer number of articulations in the Player. But not all mapping presets like GGD have all articulations? Talking rim clicks and bells of the crashes and such. Using the piano roll in my DAW I cannot for the life of me make sense of the standard BDF Player mapping or the BDF3 Mapping, and since there is no way to see what each articulation is called, there is (to my ear at least) multiple midi notes that trigger the same articulation.

I would absolutely love a way to see what each articulation is called and a way to just map them how I want to :slight_smile:

The keymap for BFD Player is on page 16.

For BFD3, it’s towards the bottom of the manual.


Thanks a lot, that definitely helps! Although I’m still wondering why there are multiple notes across different octaves that trigger just a regular snare hit or crash hit for example. I’ve been using GGD and mixwave for years where there’s just one note to trigger each articulation. Is there a specific use for those multiple notes that I’m just not aware of?

When we make mappings for other brands like GGD and EZDrummer, we’ll typically copy note-for-note as closely as possible.

However, if I recall correctly, the BFD Player mapping is inspired by BFD3 and EZDrummer - we were trying to make sure grooves across both platforms could work as well as possible with Player, with very few tweaks required.

That makes sense. The GGD mapping preset is definitely the one that feels most familiar to me, although that one seems to be missing all the fun intricate articulations like rim clicks, crash bells etc. that are also not present in most GGD kits. So I guess it’s very accurate in that aspect, just not great if I want to use those sounds haha!

That’s what you get when you have so many articulations… they all need a MIDI note. I’ve mapped and started using the extra hihat articulations in Dark Farm. I had to stick them below the kick drum because there’s nowhere else really to go. So now, programming hihats is really confusing to me, but I think it’s worth it. Having these extra variations is really helping the feel of the hihats.